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Resident Orientation Manual

Produced by Galveston Shriners Burn Hospital and
The University of Texas Medical Branch Blocker Burn Unit.
Contributors:  Sally Abston MD, Patricia Blakeney PhD, Manubhai Desai MD,
Patricia Edgar RN, CIC, John P Heggers PhD, David N Herndon MD,
Marsha Hildreth RD, Ray J Nichols Jr. MD



The Media Resources Dept. provides all photographic and illustration services for the hospital.  Normal working hours are 7:30a.m. - 4:00p.m., Monday through Friday.
The dept. is comprised of a customer service area, photography studio, finishing room, 2 darkrooms, and graphic arts areas.

Media Resources Department

Customer Service Area:
A.  Customer work request filled out by Media Resources personnel.
B.  Service performed per posted turn-around schedule.

Medical Photography:
 - Patient photography (Acute & Reconstructive)
 - (See Patient Rights, Section PR.013)
A.  Admissions (Use Polaroid if not during normal working hours.  Call immediately if suspected abuse or patient going immediately to OR)
B.  Dressing changes as per medical/paramedical staff.
C.  Operating room as per medical/paramedical staff.
D.  Clinical as requested by medical/paramedical staff.
E.  Discharge of patient.
F.  Clinic as per medical/paramedical staff via photography request form.
G.  Outreach clinic as per photography request form located with patient's clinic forms.
H.  Autopsy.

Other In-House Services:
A.  Slide Duplicates - legal and teaching.
B.  Film Processing - color slide E-6 process, black & white film developing.
C.  Passports - for official use only.
D.  Public Relations - as directed by Administration/Public Relations.
E.  Color, Black & White Slides from Books, X-rays, etc. - In-house teaching, medical/scientific meetings.
F.  Displays/Exhibits - Public relations, medical/scientific.
G.  Photographic Printing includes publications, public relations, or as needed by hospital.

Medical Illustrations:
A.  Poster Exhibits - Medical/scientific staff, public relations, and teaching.
B.  Produce & Design Forms - Medical and administrative.
C.  Framing & Matting - Photographs, certificates.
D.  Produce & Design Certificates - Medical/scientific staff, administrative.
E.  Charts, Graphs, Color Slides - Computer generated in PowerPoint.


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